Team Members
Team Role Name Department or Branch Email Phone
Team Sponsor Sylvia Galan Garcia Northeast Area gro.lpal|nalags#gro.lpal|nalags (323) 255-1875
Champion Erik Surber Panorama City gro.lpal|rebruse#gro.lpal|rebruse (818) 895-1732
Team Member Brenda Breaux Public Relations gro.lpal|xuaerbb#gro.lpal|xuaerbb (213) 228-7558
Team Member Joanna Fabicon Children's Literature gro.lpal|nocibafj#gro.lpal|nocibafj (213) 228-7256
Team Member Dora Ho Young Adult Services gro.lpal|ohd#gro.lpal|ohd (213) 228-7518
Team Member Maggie Johnson Palms-Rancho Park gro.lpal|nosnhojm#gro.lpal|nosnhojm (310) 202-4583
Team Member Madeline Kerr Los Feliz gro.lpal|rrekm#gro.lpal|rrekm (323) 913-4711
Team Member Candice Mack Encino-Tarzana gro.lpal|kcamc#gro.lpal|kcamc (818) 343-7189
Team Member Jim Sherod Mark Twain gro.lpal|dorehsj#gro.lpal|dorehsj (323) 755-7567
Team Member Patsy Tuck Eagle Rock gro.lpal|kcutp#gro.lpal|kcutp (323) 258-8079
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