Cost Estimates

1. Information Literacy Programs

  • Ideally, a separate position would be created to visit schools, teaching research methods to students, and then teaching librarians how to use the databses etc. during the summer; position should be transferred over from existing position, at least L3 level ($75,000)
  • If that is not appropriate, then intensive training for librarians is in order
  • Work closely with the training office, literacy coordinator of the library, Library Foundation for fundraising
  • Develop program ideas
  • Marketing/Promotion
  • Printing of materials
  • Incentives for particpants
  • (Reference to RTMLA program, Adult Literacy Program)

2. Homework Clubs: I have no way of knowing which branches wouldn't need a homework club, so I'll base this preliminary estimate on a single branch.

  • Tutors: not every branch needs a tutor, but some branches might need two tutors [20 hours / week] x [$15 / hour] x [42 weeks] (approximate length of school year) = $12,600 for a year of tutoring. Assuming they can't be paid by LAUSD / No Child Left Behind Grant.
  • Materials: Dictionaries, styleguides, instructional DVDs, calculators, guide books, supplies (pencils, papers), etc. $5,000 per branch
  • Computers: Two dedicated word-processing stand-alone laptops $500 each
  • Refreshments: $25/week x 42 weeks = $1050
  • Live Homework Help (Funded by the LA Library Foundation)

3. Family Fun Fair (Parent Summit)

  • 1 Keynote speaker ($5000, included travel arrangement and accommodations)
  • 2 celebrities ($1000 each honorarium only)
  • 6 professional workshops (Princeton Review or other, plus demonstrations of library resources) ($1200)
  • 1 award ceremony honoring top participants in the library leaders (complete with prizes) ($1750 in awards - $1000, $500, $250)
  • 4 entertainment or activities for children and teens ($200 per program = $800)
  • catering ($15 per person for lunch depending on number people we want to serve, plus catering fees (Business office also charges for services whenever we have catering in the library) plus water and snacks cost
  • security (GSD)
  • custodial (GSD)
  • busing and parking ($600 per bus) (Parking validation from Maguire Gardens, and bus token for people who travel on MTA Buses)
  • gift bags for parents signing up for the mailing list ($50 each goodies bags)
  • door prizes for participants (Donated by vendors)
  • Marketing cost (Advertisement, printing flyers, distribution cost, etc)
  • Contact the Media for coverage
  • Staffing (extra staff from branches to assist, subs for branches who have sent staff)
  • Tables/chairs rental (for distributing materials, receptions, etc.)
  • Free giveaways - bookmarks, lanyards, keychains, T-shirts, for participants etc. (donated by vendors?)

4. School Liaison Position

  • Position should be transferred over from existing position, at least L3 level ($75,000)
  • computer ($2,000)
  • cell phone ($1000 per year, $80 per month)
  • Travel support for visiting schools (parking, gas, mileage, etc.)
  • desk and file cabinet
  • Office space in Youth Services office

5. Library Leader Program

  • Librarians coordinate the program
  • Recruitment of Library Leaders (From local Middle Schools and High Schools (Public and Private), neighborhood apartments, Boys/Girls Clubs, YMCA, etc. )
  • Training (Design of program - should be standard across branches)
  • Incentives
  • Refreshment

6. Interactive LAPL web site for teachers

  • IT Department - one programmer to develop the database for teacher (Part time) - $26,000
  • Librarian - data input and creating bibliography for database for teachers (Part time) - $35000
  • Software/equipment - $5000-$10000
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