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Parent Summit
Erik SurberErik Surber 09 Jun 2010 20:29
in discussion Forums / Budgeting » Parent Summit

Brenda, you've already done some work on this, let's see what you've got. And Dora I believe you have some experience with this sort of thing. This is probably our priciest objective.

Parent Summit by Erik SurberErik Surber, 09 Jun 2010 20:29

I am, of course, not saying that the Parent Summit shouldn't be done. It is certainly a worthwhile event. However, the homework help centers should have a higher priority. That's what I'm contending for.

Re: Parent Summit by JimSherodJimSherod, 12 May 2010 21:41

I hear what James is saying about the Parent Summit being a one time or annual event. However, it would be an opportunity to educate parents about the resources available at the library including homework help centers, tutoring etc. This then would hopefully encourage them to come back to the library and to visit their community branches to make use of the resources. As far as reaching those that might not be able to attend a large event at Central, what about providing buses from some of the branches or regional branches? We do this with Student Smart from the schools and , if I'm not mistaken, we provided buses for another event years ago that took place at central from local branches. Yes, this costs money but as Cheryl pointed out that's where the Foundation comes in. Once at Central we could provide families with MTA bus tokens for the journey back home. This way we don't have to hold onto the private buses all day as this could prove costly. It will obviously have to be done on some kind of sign-up or lottery basis. However, it's an idea for getting people to the event that might not otherwise be able to get to Central Library for the Parent Summit.

Re: Parent Summit by Patsy Pinedo TuckPatsy Pinedo Tuck, 12 May 2010 20:56

In our discussions during the committee meetings I have been reticent to push the Student Success Sessions as much as I feel I should have. But I would like to make a case as we consider our priorities within the committee for the Homework Help that we can provide to the communities.

First, it could be done in a very low tech way with little cost to the library if we choose to do so. All we need to do is line up honor students and supply ample paper and pencil and it could be up and running. Granted, that is not my dream concept, but it would be vastly better than what we are providing now. And, of course, with Foundation Funding, we could make it much better by establishing special collections for the homework centers.

Second, the other ideas that we have would not come near to creating the vast wave of goodwill we would experience from the public if we were to meet one of the most crying needs of parents: help for their childrens' studies. It is already in the library's strategic plan from 2007-2010 under goal #3: Help Students Succeed where it says in part: "Provide Homework Assistance" and "Offer tutoring in libraries for children and teens." Isn't the number one request from parents all day and everyday: "Do you have tutoring for my child in the library???" Imagine if most of our branches had homework help centers up and running when the budget crisis hit. Can you hear how loud the public would have squealed if the mayor tried to cut back the library hours when students could be coming in for help? These homework help centers would make us indispensible to the public if they were up and running.

The school liaison position seem problematic to Cheryl as far as securing funding and will take a while to implement in the current budget situation.

The interactive teachers' website should be something our ITC can handle, but if not - stop and think about it from a practical point of view: (and remember I came up with this idea in the first place…) Which would generate better public support for the library? A website or homework help center? Sure it will be valuable to implement this idea and will help librarians, students, parents and teachers to all be on the same page. But the public will not get too excited about our efforts there.

The library leader program is ramping up our Youth Councils to recognize and develop leaders. This is great, but it will not generate the goodwill that a homework help center will. And it is something that can be done easily without additional cost; therefore, it is not something we can't do easily anyway. I'm just saying that parents will not get nearly as excited about this as if they see help for their kids to succeed in school. The two go hand in hand anyway as Maddy has pointed out numerous times. So the leadership aspect can be built into the homework help centers.

Information Literacy - well of course I am not going to put this down! And we can do a great leap forward in developing a ppt for teachers to use and for students to access, which could be easily posted on the LAPL public website. And experienced YA librarians (I agree, it would not need to be just the LIIIs) can tune up the skills of other YA librarians who are doing presentations in the libraries and schools. But, again, stop and think about the public response to any of these things we are offering. What are they going to welcome with wide open arms? Homework Help is the number one requested thing in our branches!!!

Finally, the Parent Summit (Family Resources Event) is a great idea - but remember it is only once a year and doesn't really reach the people out in the branches. It may also not reach the very people who need it the most - the economically disadvantaged who may not overcome the distance, time and cost it takes to travel downtown. The Parent Summit will be a flash in the pan, but weekly homework help is something that will be ongoing and will make a ongoing difference in people's lives that they have expressed the need for to us all over and over again.

Of all the ideas that we've come up with, Homework Help is the most practical and most needed by our communities. The information literacy aspect can easily be incorporated into that as part of the homework help we provide. The youth leadership aspect likewise is a natural part. And it is a natural venue to promote on an ongoing basis the Student Smart sessions and the Live Homework Help (assuming it continues to be funded in coming budgets). Homework Help is the thing that is most in demand. We have to operate as a business to survive. Businesses that do not meet the demand of their customers are irrelevant. In the public service sector, we can hardly complain if they close our doors in the future when we ignore what they have expressed to us as their number one need.

No cost:
1. Per administrative direction and materials created by selected librarians, develop an in-house education team comprised of LIIIs and also librarians who are already doing bibliographic instruction to instruct librarians throughout system on in-house opportunities for instruction (at ref desk), school visits and library classes (or library leaders) on research skills, database and Internet use. LIIIs to be included in specialized training for further and continued instruction.

2. No or Low cost:
Creating a Research tab in Kids Path and Teen Scape where a Powerpoint presentation can 'live' on Bibliographic instruction. Can also have basic info on research skills, the 5Ws and database links. Implemented by ITC.

3. Grant/Foundation Funded
An entire website devoted to Bibliographic Instruction with resources for teachers, parents, games for kids etc. All of the above and more!

Bibliographic Instruction by MaddyKMaddyK, 11 May 2010 03:25

Also, something else we could do that is potentially a no/low cost thing for teachers is to simply add a Teacher Resource page to our current website. Lots of library systems have this…we could post booklists, offer alternates to the books on their book lists that are out of print, links to how to use the library website in the classroom, etc. I have examples that I've printed out from other libraries we could take a look at

Just a thought here, but if there is some mobility in moving someone into a Bibliographic Instruction type position (even if in name only during tight times), developing relations with LAUSD could be considered part of that job. The LAUSD part, of course, can develop and become it's own entity over time, but getting LAUSD on board should be a part of the work of whomever is doing Bibliographic Instruction (part of helping to get librarians into schools).

Re: School Liaison by MaddyKMaddyK, 10 May 2010 19:01

Cheryl is right. We only need to find a corporation/vendor to underwrite the expenses. It will reach out to so many people if we host this at central. Our target audience will be both parents and students.

Re: Parent Summit by Dora HoDora Ho, 10 May 2010 15:21

I agree this needs to go to the top of the list, but this may the hard to one get right away - this is not a job Eva can take on - this is a full time job. While a position may be on the books I doubt we have anyone we can spare from from a public service sector to take this over. This one may have to wait until we can get some bodies.

Re: School Liaison by Cheryl CollinsCheryl Collins, 07 May 2010 15:00

I think this summit gets put to the top of the list as a Foundation item. This is an easy sell for the Foundation especially if we are talking about an annual event. It seems all of out marketing is wrapped up in this and a lot of our outreach. Yes, it is expensive, but that is what the Foundation is for.

Re: Parent Summit by Cheryl CollinsCheryl Collins, 07 May 2010 14:55

I can't really respond to Jim's question, but, I think that constructing something to use for teachers should come after we start establishing a relationship and communicating more with LAUSD. We may learn lots of helpful information to either direct the focus/design of the site to make it most useful.

Ok, thanks for the feedback. I wasn't sure of the nitty gritty of the progression so this helps lots.

Re: Layers of Feasibility by MaddyKMaddyK, 05 May 2010 23:21

I have created a document which may be useful for us: Priorities sorted within funding costs.doc

I have it posted as a Google Doc.

To sign in to the Gmail, use the following address:

user: moc.liamg|LPALtnemeveihcAtnedutS#moc.liamg|LPALtnemeveihcAtnedutS
password: cherylcollins

If you have a Gmail account, you could invite yourself to participate and then access the Google Doc from your own gmail. If you don't have a Gmail account, you can just sign in and make changes on the main account. Jim

Google Doc created by JimSherodJimSherod, 05 May 2010 22:59
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