Library Leader

Some thoughts on the possible objectives/goals/measurements of a Library Leader (or whatever groovy name we come up with…)

Library Leader
A library leader demonstrates the following:

Confident Learner
1. Understands and develops research strategies (to do homework, so knows how to break down assignments into concepts, develop keywords, etc.)
2. Understands how to use library catalog
3. Understands how to use library databases
4. Knows how to evaluate print and web sources

Confident Learner achievement is measured by "testing" participant before and after particpation in program.

Community Participant (one or more of the following)
1. Peer tutor in Homework Club
2. Active in book club and/or summer reading club
3. Active in Teen Council and/or teen programs
4. Volunteers at local branch

Community Participant achievement is measured by consistent participation during program

Library Learner
1. Understands Dewey Decimal system
2. Understands genres
3. Knows how to find ALA booklists, similar author lists and books by reading level
4. Understands differences betwen fiction/non-fiction
5. Understands how to access e-materials

Library Learner achievement is measured by "testing" participant before and after participation in program

Also, depending on grade level, participation in Homework Club could be one of the criteria? (Yes, I think so! - Jim)

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