Priorities are indicated by the bracketed numbers [1,2,3…] after each description.

The idea behind this format is that aspects of the six proposed Student Achievement projects can be put into different funding needs. Priorities can be attached to different aspects of each project, so that, for example, even if a school liaison position cannot be implemented immediately, perhaps aspects of that project could be. Aspects of each project can be prioritized without funding being the absolute determining factor if the committee wishes. If funding is seen as the most critical component of prioritizing, then the listing pretty much sorts itself out sequentially. Maddy, in answer to your question, Library Foundation funding is done through the Library Foundation, whereas Federal Grants are done by applying to the grants that are available through Federal funding. Cheryl, Brenda and Dora have more experience sorting out whether something would be better pursued by asking the Foundation to fund it or by applying for a grant available through the Federal government.

A. Things that require little or no funding:

School Liaison Position [N/A under this section since not immediately viable]:

· I agree this needs to go to the top of the list, but this may be a hard one to get right away - this is not a job Eva can take on - this is a full time job. While a position may be on the books, I doubt we have anyone we can spare from a public service sector position to take this over. This one may have to wait until we can get some bodies (Cheryl's comment)
· Since this position will be transferred from an existing library position, there should be little extra funding required. [1] (Cheryl posted that this was not feasible in the wiki I believe. However, I have this to add—which also may not be feasible: Just a thought here, but if there is some mobility in moving someone into a Bibliographic Instruction type position (even if in name only during tight times), developing relations with LAUSD could be considered part of that job. The LAUSD part, of course, should be its own position eventually, but starting to get LAUSD on board should be a part of the work of whomever is working in Bibliographic Instruction Lead position (part of helping to get librarians into schools)-Maddy

Student Success Sessions [1]:

· Setting aside some of the existing computers for dedicated use by students during prime study hours of 2:00-6:00 pm. Since this can be automated, it should not require much effort on ITC’s part to do this. [1]
· Lining up tutors from the honor students of local schools will require time on the part of Youth Services Librarians in the branches, but should not require extra funding. If posters to recruit students were produced by LAPL, the cost would be minimal. [2]
· As an aspect of Student Success Sessions or Library Leader Program could be that the kids enroll in a program (literally sign up like they do for Reading Club), let's call it for now, Library Snoops, and learn all about how to do their homework at the library (meaning how to use our resources). This could be part of Library Leaders or part of Student Success Sessions. But we could make it fun with little cost. We could also just publicize in branch and during school visits also with little cost.-Maddy

Interactive Teachers’ Website [4]:

· If the Library ITC department is capable of doing the programming, then this would be done at no extra cost.
· I think that constructing something to use for teachers should come after we start establishing a relationship and communicating more with LAUSD. We may learn lots of helpful information to either direct the focus/design of the site to make it most useful.-Maddy
· Also, something else we could do that is potentially a no/low cost thing for teachers is to simply add a Teacher Resource page to our current website. Lots of library systems have this…we could post booklists, offer alternates to the books on their book lists that are out of print, links to how to use the library website in the classroom, etc. I have examples that I've printed out from other libraries we could take a look at. May be much more feasible that an entirely separate website for ITC to do..?-Maddy (I think the idea is that there would be a module of the LAPL website devoted to Parents/Teachers. Parents/Students would be able to view the book lists here, but teachers would be able to log in and edit the booklists. - Jim)

Library Leader Program [3]:

· There should be little cost associated with this program. It is more a matter of recognizing those who are involved at the library publicly and encouraging them to take leadership roles in the activities of the Youth Council. [1]
· We can use a free site like to a. enroll teens, b. "track" what their reading c. make the program interactive (you can program fun quizzes that members of a group can take, etc.)

Information Literacy [2]:

· Training done by LIIIs (and others) on how to do bibliographic instruction at school visits (outreach) or class visits (inreach) can be done at no cost. [1]
· I have concerns about making this exclusive to LIIIs. Not every region has LIIIs and not every LIII is equipped to jump into this with the background, experience and enthusiasm that I think we need to make this the most successful. There are people who are already doing Bibliographic Instruction in our system. Let's use these people AND the LIIIs to get everyone on board. I've also been told that one of the other teams is looking to LIIIs to do additional training, so we may want to keep our options open to not rely on them exclusively. But either way, per administrative direction and materials created by selected librarians, we can develop an in-house education team comprised of LIIIs and also librarians who are already doing bibliographic instruction to instruct librarians throughout system on in-house opportunities for instruction (at ref desk), school visits and library classes (or library leaders) on research skills, database and Internet use. LIIIs to be included in specialized training for further and continued instruction.
· Development of a ppt to put on the web for use by teachers and/or students/parents can be done by a few interested Youth Services librarians for no cost. ITC should be able to make this available through the LAPL website at no cost. [2]
· Maybe create a "How to Research" or "How to Do My Homework" tab in Kids Path and Teen Scape where students can locate a Powerpoint presentation on Bibliographic instruction. Can also have basic info on research skills, the 5Ws and database links. Implemented by ITC.-Maddy

Family Resources Event [N/A under this section]:

· See comments under Library Foundation funding section.

B. Things that will require Library Foundation funding:

School Liaison Position [3]:

· Perhaps a cell phone since the person doing this may require to travel quite a bit?

Student Success Sessions [2]:

· Lining up tutors from the colleges would require Live Scan fingerprinting right?
· Purchase of a white board and markers
· Purchase of a smart board with projector & laptop
· Purchase of a dedicated collection of study resource materials (books & DVDs)
· Purchase of paper and pencils

Interactive Teachers’ Website [5]:

Library Leader Program [6]:

Awards (bags, school supplies, gift certificate recognition)-Maddy
More money spent on advertising programs

Information Literacy [4]:

· An entire website accessed through LAPL devoted to Bibliographic Instruction with resources like pathfinders, instructional videos for teachers, parents, games for kids etc. All of the above and more!-Maddy

Family Resources Event [1]:

· This summit gets put to the top of the list as a Foundation item. This is an easy sell for the Foundation especially if we are talking about an annual event. It seems all of out marketing is wrapped up in this and a lot of our outreach. Yes, it is expensive, but that is what the Foundation is for. [1] (by Cheryl)

C. Things that will require Federal Funding:

School Liaison Position [N/A under this section]:

Student Success Sessions [1]:

· Purchase of dedicated computers for use in the study area only
· Erik brought up the idea of applying for the No Child Left Behind Money to help pay tutors

Interactive Teachers’ Website [3]:

· If the Library ITC department is NOT capable of doing the programming, then this would be a candidate for a federally funded project wouldn’t it?

Library Leader Program [N/A under this section]:

· No Federal Funding needed for this program.

Information Literacy [2]:

· Could we tap into Federal Funding for this?

Family Resources Event [N/A under this section]:

· No Federal Funding needed for this program since it will be given a priority funding for the Library Foundation.

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