School Liaison

School Liaison Position

  • Should be comfortable with a group of school officials
  • Should be a "rock star" among kids
  • Needs to create and maintain working relationships with officials from LAUSD, charter schools, home school programs, parochial schools, and foster and group homes.
  • Needs to convince school principals and other officials to "open up" school to public librarian visits, to buy in to the principles of information literacy, and to have teachers and other staff work with the libraries when designing curriculum.
  • The School Liaison should be familiar with all schools in the city, and which libraries are nearest
  • If this is a position funded by a grant, then the "momentum" could be lost when the funding runs out, it would be better if the position were "transferred" from an existing library position
  • The position should work out of the Youth Services Office, at central

We might even consider the school liaison work with colleges and universities to explore what information skills incoming students need to develop.

Incidently, I think there are 571 Public Elementary Schools, 295 Public Middle Schools, 222 Public High Schools, and 650 Private Schools in Los Angeles. That should keep a person busy.

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